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In June 2017 Standard Publications celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over these years we have continuously broken new ground, and we continue to do so. The publishing house started out with The Malta Independent on Sunday in 1992 and the following year our flagship magazine, First, broke new ground by being the first full colour magazine to be distributed free of charge with a Sunday newspaper – which has, these days, become the norm.

In 1994, The Malta Business Weekly became the first newspaper fully dedicated to business, and today it remains the only newspaper with that concerted focus. Having done that, this publishing house continued to push the envelope when it launched the country’s second English language daily newspaper, The Malta Independent. These and other developments over the years have been continuously coupled with new magazines and in this area, as with our newspapers, we have constantly raised the bar for Maltese publications. From Manic! to our weddings publication I DO and to the highly popular Taste and Flair, our magazine offerings have been and remain, in our humble opinion, the best on the islands in their respective areas of interest.

In October 2014 The Malta Independent marked a new chapter with the launch of a new website. The distinctive style of the portal is alive and kicking and has been so since the day it was launched. The Malta Independent news stories and opinion pieces still attract a great deal of interest and generate debate. We are proud to be different in our approach and will continue to deliver the content people expect of us. This newsroom has no hidden agenda and places the reader first and foremost.

At over 9,000 issues later between our three newspapers, we are still continuously seeking new and better ways of communicating the nation’s news to our readers. And we are not by any stretch of the imagination oblivious to the new developments in the ways in which people communicate, the new speed of news which spreads like wildfire these days over social networks, and we will, in the very foreseeable future, have more groundbreaking developments in store for the country, perpetually news-thirsty as it is.

Our allegiances do not lie with this or that party – our allegiance has been and will remain to the people, first and foremost and above all else.