74% of Maltese believe that Malta’s EU membership is a good thing



Malta Independent



55% of Maltese people said that the consequences of the war in Ukraine have already reduced standards of living, and they expect that this would still be the case over the next year. 40% of Europeans already experience a reduction of their standard of living whilst a further 47% expect such an impact to happen over the next year. Only one in ten (11%) think the war will not affect their standard of living. 61% of Europeans believe that their life might change, something mainly seen in Greece (86%), Slovakia (86%) and Czechia (81%). 72% of Europeans closely follow the news related to the war in Ukraine. Only around a third (37%) of the respondents believe that life will continue unchanged. Uncertainty (50%), hope (47%) and confidence (32%) are what citizens across the EU predominantly feel. Overall, hope is the dominant feeling in more countries. Citizens with financial difficulties feel uncertainty most often, the survey revealed. With regards to EU membership, 65% of Europeans see EU membership as a good thing, an improvement in attitude since 2007. 70% say that EU membership is im portant. 74% of Maltese people also believe that Malta’s membership of the EU is a good thing. Democracy is a key value for European citizens, with 38% putting democracy front and centre, followed by ‘freedom of speech and thought’ and ‘the protection of human rights in the EU and worldwide’ (both 27%). 33% of Maltese people believe that the protection of human rights in the EU and worldwide should be a matter of priority in the European Parliament. 27% believe this priority should be democracy.