MoU signed to ensure more accessibility to products and services for persons with disabilities



Malta Independent


The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) and the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure more accessibility to products and services for persons with disabilities. This initiative will strengthen the Commission’s role in market surveillance for people with disabilities, allowing for the CRPD to assist with the accessibility of products that are regulated by the European Accessibility Directive. Among the products and services mentioned in the Directive are computers, e-books and banking services. The Minister for Inclusion, Social Wellbeing and Voluntary Organisations Julia Farrugia Portelli said that through the agreement, people with disabilities will not be hindered from living an independent life due to the lack of product accessibility. She said that the agreement ensures that people with disabilities benefit from products and services at more competitive and affordable prices. Farrugia said that such agreements testify to government’s message for a more inclusive Malta. The Commissioner for the CRPD Samantha Pace Gasan said that while the directive will continue to improve the accessibility to products in the country, the CRPD will continue to strengthen its role in terms of surveillance and enforcing accessibility. Pace Gasan said that the Commission will continue to play their role in monitoring, promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities as set out in the United Nations Convention. Helga Pizzuto, chairperson of the MCCAA said that the Authority has invested in improving the skills of people working in the Technical Regulations Division and strengthened the systems used by them. Through this reinforcement, various practices have been developed and further improved, some of them to meet the new challenges of the global market and more complex supply chains, Pizzuto said. She said that through this agreement, the two authorities will work together to make better use of resources for the benefit of citizens. manufacturing company offers wooden boards (busy boards) for children POD Reference BOUA20220614004 Ukrainian family business company produces handmade wooden boards for children. The company is looking for EU distributors. ICT integrators sought for audio watermark technology POD Reference TOES20220606012 A Spanish company is seeking ICT integrators with experience in the telecoms and audio-visual sectors. They have developed a robust audio watermark technology to fight audio-visual piracy and guarantee voice recordings’ integrity. This innovative technology works at low bandwidth and allows the insertion of hidden and recoverable information within an audio signal, providing higher efficiency. 3D solution partners are sought POD Reference TRBG20220510009 Bulgarian software company seeks 3D solution partners to jointly develop new products and achieve greater efficiency. They are specifically interested to get in touch with companies that can help them create digital twins of ma chines with digital software control, configurators for automated 3D design machinery products, and modules to MOM and MES [manufacturing execution systems]. Romanian producer of bottled spring water is looking for distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. POD Reference BORO20210628002 A Romanian producer of natural flat water, is looking for business partners in the EU countries. The company is interested in expanding internationally with the support of a distributor or commercial agent. The Ukrainian producer of creative kits, science games, kits for girls, for the inclusive development of children is looking for distributors POD Reference BOUA20200624005 The Ukrainian company that produces games for children looks for partners in the countries of the European Union. The company aims to sign up distribution services agreements with appropriate partners. These partners can be distributors of toys, retail chains, local toy manufacturers, shops.