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Maltese SMEs can benefit from Europe’s largest database of business opportunities. With the profiles in the database, experts from the Enterprise Europe Network can help businesses forge international partnerships with excellent growth potential. The below are just but a few business cooperation opportunities available through the database. More details and additional business opportunities can be obtained by clicking the SEARCH tab on www.enterprise-europemalta.com. Alternatively, readers may email us on info@enterprise-europemalta.com, quoting the below POD reference accordingly. Austrian company focused on climate change adaption, water risk management and sustainability is looking for cooperation partners POD Reference BOAT20220615010 A leading Austrian research, consulting and engineering company with a focus on climate change, the manage ment of related risks and sustainability is looking for partners in Europe and beyond. The SME is interested to collaborate on project proposals with like-minded entities from the private and public sector under research cooperations or service agreements, in order to facilitate the transition to a climate resilient and low carbon future. The Italian SME, specialized in fermented avocado supplements to support female fertility, seeks to expand its market beyond Italy and is open to various types of cooperation, both in distribution and under licensing and production agreements. POD Reference BOIT20220614018 The Italian SME, founded in 2019, has developed and is commercializing supplements in Italy, based on patented avocado extracts to support female fertility and help women in conception and pregnancy. The company seeks to expand its market outside Italy and is looking for partners in the pharmaceutical sector or a manufacturer of supplements under a distribution services, licensing or manufacturing agreement. The research is open to all countries. Ukrainian family